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microsoft exchange hostingWhat is complex hosting?

   Complex hosting involves different servers such as database, application and web servers all connected to form a single system. When uptime is totally critical for mission critical applications, complex hosting is the way to go.

Benefits of complex hosting

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Web Servers

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  1. Enhanced performance for mission critical applications - A single server may not be able to handle all the load of a very high traffic website.
  2. Load balancing - In the event of overload, the load is switched seamlessly and instantly. In essence, your web traffic is rerouted and you don't experience any lost sales.
  3. Fault tolerance - If your active web server fails, then another server takes its place to ensure that mission critical applications are not compromised.
  4. Scalability and redundancy - In the case of bottlenecks, multiple servers that are all connected ensure scalability and redundancy for your website.

   To order please send an email to complex A trained systems administrator will respond soon.

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