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Dedicated and Shared Microsoft Exchange Server Hosting
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Microsoft Exchange Server 2003

Dedicated and Shared
Microsoft Exchange Server Hosting

Microsoft Exchange Server 2003Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 is a powerful email messaging and collaboration infrastructure. This coupled with the latest version of Microsoft Outlook 2003 coupled with secure Microsoft VPN technology provided by ADTI as part of the solution, allows you to take full advantage of this powerful software, affording you full and uniform access to your e-mail and workgroup information whether at your desktop at work, or telecommuting from home, or checking into your office while traveling.

Sign Up for Microsoft Exchange Shared HostingYou will be amazed at how affordable and economical the Microsoft Exchange Server solution is, compared to operating the same capabilities within your own organization. Click here to sign up.

Microsoft Exchange Server Shared Hosting Plan

Microsoft Exchange Server Dedicated Hosting Plan
Benefits of Postini spam/virus filtering vs. on-server filtering

Some hosting services are offering on-server spam and virus filtering to their customers, either free or at a low cost.  While this might at first seem like a great deal, you may wish to consider the following:

On-server-filtering (e.g. using GFI, "SpamAssassin", ClamAV or other spam/virus software) is relatively inexpensive for the hosting company, but has several drawbacks.  Firstly, it places an extra footprint on the
server and slows down or affects mailbox processing (UNIX, Windows-based and Exchange mailservers can be quite CPU intensive).  Secondly, and more importantly, on-server virus and spam systems are updated at the most every 24 hours (if the system admin has set them up correctly).  This means that on the same day that a virus is released, your emails will be vulnerable for up to 24 hours.

Instead, with our Postini service, virus signatures are updated directly from McAfee and/or other sources, every 15 minutes!  This means that your "zero day vulnerability" is reduced from 24 hours to 15 minutes at the most.  Postini specializes in spam and virus filtering; that's all they do.  Their entire service is dedicated to maintaining live, state of the art, up-to-the-minute email filtering systems.  Can you afford to leave your email filtering up to a system admin who's many priorities are other than spam/virus filtering, and who may or may not have updated your mailserver's filtering software that day and every day?  Postini's state of the art, peace-of-mind systems are automatically updated every 15 minutes, every day, 24/7/365.
Services We Offer

E-mail (POP3 and SMTP)



Shared Public Folders
IMAP Mail Access
Plans available for 100 MB and 250 MB Per User. More space also available, up to 2GB per user, for customized plans.
Microsoft Outlook 2000 / 2002 / XP / 2003
Microsoft Outlook Express
Microsoft Outlook Web Access (OWA)
Copy of MS Outlook 2003 will be provided to Client
Any POP3 and IMAP compatible email clients can also be used, i.e. Eudora. But these clients might not be able to make use of Outlook/Exchange specific features like calendars, etc.
VPN capability for advanced security
Inbound Spam and Antivirus Filtering
Postini Spam Filtering System
Features and Benefits of
Microsoft Exchange Server Hosting:

Expertise: Since 1995 American Data Technology, Inc. (ADTI) has been providing hosting solutions globally to small-mid size businesses as well as to governmental agencies in USA. Moreover, ADTI is an approved erate vendor for hosting and email services to schools and libraries systems.

Microsoft Certified Partner licenses: ADTI has signed Microsoft ASP License agreement and is certified to provide Microsoft Exchange Server hosting.

Blended Bandwidth: ADTI uses different carriers so traffic is always routed through to the most efficient carrier.

Redundant internet connectivity: High performance infrastructure to meet your mission-critical applications demand.
Anti spam and viruses protection: Award winning Postini spam and filtering are included with Exchange Server hosting.
Total hardware and software support: Save thousands of dollars of in-house costs of equipment and experienced staff.
FREE Outlook 2003 software Licensing
Service Guarantee: 99.9% uptime for Microsoft Exchange Server hosting.
Tier2 and Tier 3 Support: Get peace of mind and focus on your core business and not on your hosting.
Own and operate own equipment: ADTI owns and operate all of its equipment and are not reselling someone else’s services thus providing you with the full support that you need.
Data backup protocol: ADTI has comprehensive data back up and recovery plans that include nightly back up, tape rotation, copies of data stored off site at remote locations.
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